The February Marquez Community Meeting Focused on UI Upgrades and Recent Releases

27 February 2023 by Michael Robinson

Did you miss the most recent community meeting? Get caught up here.

February 2023 Marquez Community Meeting Highlights

If you couldn't attend the monthly community meeting last week, here's a rundown of what you missed:

  • Announcements: Willy Lulciuc was voted Technical Lead (congrats, Willy!), and the LFAI&Data conducted its annual review of the project.
  • Recent releases: we released Marquez 0.30.0 and 0.31.0. Read the migration plan before upgrading to 0.30.0.
  • UI improvements: as demo'ed by Peter Hicks, Marquez now features critical path highlighting, search functionality and clickable links in column-lineage JSON snippets, a lineage events viewer, and a soft delete option for datasets and jobs.
  • Open discussion: Benji asked if the soft-delete option was available elsewhere in the UI (not yet, but aggregation of functions is planned), yours truly highlighted an exciting recently added issue, and new member Bruno Cavestro asked about the project's philosophy, focus on big data tooling, and facets.

For more detailed information:

  • Check out the wiki for meeting notes and the Zoom link.
  • Browse the YouTube channel for recordings of all meetings.

Hope to see you at the next meeting on March 23rd!